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Kathryn L. Tucker, Executive Director and Director of Advocacy and Legal Affairs
Luis Gomez, Executive Assistant

Marianne Lyons, Director of Administration and Finance
Jonathan Rivera, Office and Technology Coordinator
Sasha Yu
, Administrative Assistant
Maxwell Hoffman, Administrative and Program Support

Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC)
Shawn Kravich, Interim Director
Alexis Alvarez, Staff Attorney
Stephanie Fajuri, Senior Staff Attorney
Yanira Andon, Intake Coordinator
John So, Administrative Assistant

Community Advocacy Program (CAP)
Karina Arabolaza, CAP Coordinator

Development and Communications
Randi Sunshine, Development and Communications Director
Jennifer Fenton, Development and Communications Associate Director

Disability Litigation Program / Education Advocacy Program
Maronel Barajas, Senior Staff Attorney
Shawn Kravich, HIV Law and Policy Project Director
Richard Diaz, Staff Attorney
Anna Rivera, Staff Attorney
Andrea Smith, Skadden Fellow

HIV Law Program
Shawn Kravich, Program Director
Christopher McConkey, Intake and Outreach Coordinator / HIV Law and Policy Fellow

Inland Empire Program
Elizabeth Eubanks, Program Director
Norma Montano, Legal Assistant

Pro Bono Program
Lani M. Sen Woltmann, Pro Bono Director